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Difference of khkai / drill /twill fabric

Difference of khkai / drill /twill fabric

Khaki drill a thick weave cloth or cotton fabric

Khaki is a fabric made of 2/2 twill, 3/1 twill and twill weave.2/2 twill weave the front and back of the system is clear, so it is called double-sided khkai drill.Using 3/1 twill weave the front line is clear, the reverse grain is blurred, so it is called single-sided khkai drill ;Use a sharp twill weave, the thread of the warp is longer, like the satin pattern coherence, so called the satin khkai drill fabric.

Common materials are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/dimension, etc.The weft yarn is commonly used for 28-58tex(21-10 English) single yarn, or 7.5 Tex x 2-19.5 Tex x 2 (80/2-30/2 British branch), with a tightness of 83% to 110%, and the weft to the tightness of 45% to 58%, and the weft to tightness ratio is approximately (1.7-2) : 1.

Khaki fabric is more tightly woven with texture, thick and thick, but not resistant to torture.According to the yarn, the yarn card, half - wire card and wire card;According to the organizational structure, it is divided into single-sided khkai, double-sided khkai, people's word khkai and satin khkai .After dyeing and finishing, it is used as spring, autumn, winter coat, overalls, military clothing, windbreaker, raincoat and other fabrics

Drill is a kind of khaki cloth, khaki twill, used as warp/weft yarn is divided into line drill (weft yarn braided wire) the ply yarn - drill, half a line card (warp line, zonal single yarn), yarn drill (warp/weft are single yarn).

Drill - all are single yarn, yarn yarn drill class belongs to the khaki fabric, yarn drill are single yarn, yarn twill direction is left oblique, it has clear positive diagonal line, the opposite diagonal line is not obvious, often called single veil drill.Plain full cotton yarn drill with cloth products even bright and clean, soft, finalize the design stability, moisture absorption characteristics such as wear-resisting, much as the material, casual pants, especially after dealing with the needs, the characteristics of the soft and comfortable, no crease more outstanding, become the preferred leisure class long pants fabric.

Twill is characterized by an oblique twill dyed corduroy line composed of an organizational point or weft tissue point on the organization chart. The surface of the fabric is inclined to weave with a warp (or weft) float.Twill - an organizational cycle must have at least 3 warp and 3 weft.

These words are classified according to size,  the correct arrangement should be: twill, drill and khaki

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